75285739a O-Ring

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***USED*** 3" by 12" 5 lug front wheel Rim with wheel weight holes for Cub, Cub Loboy, 154 (Some), 184, 185 (when equipped with a 5 lug 3 x 12 rim); Replaces: 385651A1, 351074R91 ***This is a functional rim, not restoration quality. It has a 3-1/8" pilot hole and 2-3/4" from center to center on the bolt holes (adjacent). Backspacing measures 3". To determine backspacing, lay the wheel flat on the ground with the back of the wheel facing up. Next, lay a straight edge across the wheel and measure the distance from the back side of the mounting surface to the straight edge.---To determine the width of the rim, measure on the inside (from bead to bead) not from outside to outside. -- NOT DESIGNED FOR TUBELESS APPLICATIONS---PRIMER PAINT.